♥ The best of both worlds

Monday, January 30, 2012

When I lived in San Francisco, the Swede & I would try to get up to Lake Tahoe with friends as often as we could to go Snowboarding at Squaw Valley.  The only problem was it was a 4 hour drive which often took longer with all the traffic.  Since moving to LA, I've been able to make it up to Big Bear Mountain a couple times already, one of which we did last weekend.  It's conveniently only an hour & 45 min. drive and located right above Lake Arrowhead.  

There's not too many cities where you can surf in the morning and be snowboarding nearby before noon. : )
After a weekend in the snow, I couldn't have asked for better weather this past Saturday & Sunday.  It was almost 80 degrees all weekend so we rode our bikes to Venice beach and had lunch and drinks at a German beer garden. 
I'm falling in love with LA more and more each day. 


Girlie Blogger said...

Wow. You do have the best of both worlds. Very nice!


Sini said...

That is amazing, I would love to live in that kind of place! Winter and summer together, love love love :)

Dancing Branflake said...

Dang. You and the Swede are one photogenic couple.
I love Lake Tahoe. So glad it's only a car trip away.

Sam said...

You are so lucky to live there. OH and you and the Swede are the cutest couple!

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

I am incredibly jealous of the weekend you had in L.A.
Can I invite myself to the next one?

;) What a way to spend your time with loved ones!!

Mrs C ♥ said...

Well I've got the snow but I don't got the beach.... :o(

Lovely pics JMay! That pic of the rainbow across the road is supa cool!

Glad to have you back BTW - I've missed seeing your face around the blogosphere! :o)

Liesl said...

Oh how I miss Big Bear...I was there last year for a ski weekend! Glad you are enjoying all LA has to offer!

Liesl :)

Jessi said...

I'm ALWAYS saying that Colorado truly would be perfect if it had both the mountains and the ocean ;) Lucky girl!
xoxo J

Brittany @ Each Day Gets Better. said...

very jealous of that weather. wish i could leave the snow only to go when i wanted. :)

grasie said...

I mean...CAN I GET AN INVITE?!! Miss you ladies. LOVE THE PICS!

chibiaion said...

How lucky you are to have them both. Wish I could be in LA too, its wickedly cold out here. :)
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Ashley said...

This sounds like the perfect weekend and life. seriously, LA is a whole different world. i love visiting and falling into all the fun that holds. It's so hard to come back. i love those bikes sooo cute!!

Rachel said...

" Euhporia " is back with a new name and facelift! check it out and spread the word!

-Rach :)

Blicious said...

this is why I love LA!! love!!


Katz NYC said...

You sure have the best of the both worlds! I wish we could easily escape somewhere warm in the middle of the winter, not having to fly. California's calls keep getting louder and louder each year... X

Liesl said...

So, so true! Can I just tell you how adorable you looking your cream winter hat! Love it and all your pictures!

Liesl :)